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Unique location on Lake Vänern. The campground is five star and has a high standard and quality.

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With us you can stay all year round in one of our nice cabins

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We offer popular mobile sites in our motor home country.

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Our popular restaurant located with great views over Vänern and Kinnekulle.

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Our facility offers a variety of activities to suit all ages and needs.

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We offer your company the best conditions for s Conference.

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At the campsite For children Restaurant Sjökanten

KronaRestaurang Sjökanten/Café

Restaurang Sjökanten is a popular restaurant in the middle of the campsite with nice views of Lake Vänern and Kinnekulle ridge. It seats 120 people indoors and approx 30 outdoors with a lovely lounge sofa. In the winter, the big crackling fire gives a nice atmosphere. The menu is varied, with something to suit everyone, young and old.

On some Fridays and Saturdays in spring and autumn and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in peak season there is a good programme of entertainment in the restaurant, including karaoke, rock, jazz, quiz and Irish music. See the entertainment programme.

At the end of November and December, we serve our Christmas buffet with desserts and sweets, and the room is tastefully decorated for Christmas and, naturally, our big open fire burns. Most of the dishes are carefully prepared by us.

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To be sure that you get a table, please book in good time.

Important to consider your visit
                 In order for us to prepare your table in the best possible way, it is important that you inform us in good time if you become more or fewer guests. If you are a larger company of at least 10 people, we recommend that you order what you wish to eat. Your booked time is also good keeping keep minimizing the risk of crashing with many other guests.                 
                 If there is a child in the company who needs a child seat please note this under other wishes.

Reservations / Cancellations by mail can be made the day before. Bookings / cancellations on the same day are by phone 0510-268 04.

Contact us for more information. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.

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Sjökanten meny

Vitlöksbröd Aioli 59:-
Toast Skagen 99:-
Parmaskinka Tomat & Fetaostsallad, oliver och bröd 79:-
A la carte

Fillet of beef with Rödvinssky, bearnaisesås, sallad, rostad potatis 279:-
Pork red wine sauce, bearnaisessås, sallad, roasted potatoes 199:-
Halstrad Gösfilé Örtslungad potatis, skirat smör, räkor, pepparot 219:-
Sjökanten's luxurious shrimp sandwich with salad, boiled eggs and hand peeled shrimps 229:-
Varmrökt lax Potatis, örtcréme, citron, dill 199:-
Vinkokta blåmusslor Pommes frites, aioli, bröd 189:-

Sjökantens fillet of beef toast with chèvre, french fries 189:-
Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, aioli and French fries 169:-
Vegoburgare med sallad, tomat, saltgurka, dressing och pommes frites 169:-
Chickentoast Bacon, lettuce, aioli and French fries 159:-
Shrimp salad with boiled egg, red onion, feta cheese and crème 179:-
Caesar salad with chicken, bacon, croutons and Grana Padano 159:-
Pork fillet Pasta with mushrooms, garlic and Grana Padano 159:-
Salmon pasta with mushrooms, garlic and Grana Padano 159:-
The teenager

Kycklingvingar med Pommes frites, dipp 109:-
Kebabtallrik med pommes frites och kebabsås mild/stark 109:-
Fish and chips 109:-
For children (up to 12 years)

Pork fillet with french fries and béarnaise sauce 79:-
Hamburger with french fries 79:-
Pancakes with jam and cream 79:-

Béarnaise sauce 15:-
Aioli 15:-
Kebab sauce 15:-
Sallad 15:-

Coffee with chocolatecream 45:-
Fläder & Jorduggssorbet 79:-
Mascarpone choklad dessert 89:-

Pizza menu

Tent: tomato sauce and cheese 79:-
LMC: Tomato sauce, cheese and ham 89:-
Kabe: Tomato sauce, cheese, ham and fresh mushrooms 89:-
Polar: Tomato sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple 89:-
Baden-Baden: Tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, onion, and cayenne 89:-
Summertime: Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, bacon, and curry 89:-
Knaus: Tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, pineapple and curry 109:-
Hymer: Tomato sauce, cheese, salami, onion, fresh mushrooms and pepperoni 109:-
Concord: Tomato sauce, cheese, gorgonzola, mozzarella, feta, arugula and honey 109:-
Awning: Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, shrimp and mussels 109:-
Camping Favorite: Tomato sauce, cheese, kebab, onion, tomato and mild/strong kebab sauce 109:-
Polar Special: Tomato sauce, cheese, pork fillet and bearnaise sauce 109:-
Beach 2017: Tomato sauce, cheese, peppers, fresh mushrooms, onion, olives and feta cheese 109:-
Kabe Special: Tomato sauce, cheese, beef fillet, fresh mushrooms and gorgonzola 129:-
Bûrstner: Tomato sauce, cheese, prosciutto, mozzarella, olives and arugula 129:-
Hobbies: Tomato sauce, cheese, beef, sour cream, onion, garlic and truffle oil 129:-